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Catalyst 2950 Protocol

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We received this question from our CSC Twitter community.

@cisco_support Am a Netacad student; was working with a Catalyst 2950, and ping gave protocol not running error. How can I check protocols?

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Thomas Masters
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Level 1

I am no expert but I think you have to plum a vlan with an ip address to get layer 3 working before you can use ping.

int vlan1

ip address

no shut


I did not see a way other than to look at the process table

show proc | inc Protocol

  28 Mwe 80010FBC     1650884   3279324     503  4812/6000    0 CDP Protocol   
  31 Mwe 8035EC80     1081644   1873622     577  2928/6000    0 DTP Protocol   
  43 Lwe 8022AFDC     3143776   1691923    1858 11352/12000   0 TCP Protocols

Had Layer 3 up, as we could test that with other devices, and had a VLAN set, as management vlan and had native vlan through it with IP set.

Even pinging from the switch to another directly connected switch with the management vlan address (same subnet, layer 3 unnecessary) gave me that error.

However, two switches on either side of the one giving me this issue could ping one another, and the PC's connected to this switch could ping to one another, and to the management interfaces through layer 3.

See my bafflement?

Thanks for the reply, though! Will check the procs.

Only other thing I can think of is you may need to set default gateway.  Otherwise maybe stare and compare against a working switch for anything obvious.