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Cisco Prime infrastrucuture 2.2 - syslog server features

Hi all, cisco prime 2.2 support the functionality of syslog server (like kiwi syslog) and syslog email forwarding ?


 who can help me ? where i can verify the feature supported on PI 2.2 ? The release document do not descrive all features supported.

Cisco Employee

Hi ,

As of now , this feature is not available , I mean PI will not work as syslog server.


Syslog messages received by  PI from managed devices are found under Monitor > Alarms and Events > Syslogs

as you are using PI 2.2 , you will be able to see all device syslog messages (0-7 severity)


That display will show you up to 200,000 messages at a time.

Check the below link for other related details proved by Marvin :




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Hello Afroj,

I have Prime Infrastructure 3.0. Is it possible to export the syslogs? We would like to use a kiwi or other like server. 

In particular we are looking to capture the wireless user, what IP they are connecting on, their client & the time they connect and disconnect on the wireless connection.

I saw in documentation that up to 2,000 macs could be tracked, but it had to be turned on. We want all the data, but we are willing to take it off of Prime and take it to a secondary server.

I think this is the best way to tackle the issue, but if you believe there's a better way - I am open to your thoughts. 

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I found that under Monitor/ Monitoring Tools / Alarms and Events:
I am missing data in syslogs. I might need to fix this before I can export logs..

Thanks in advance, 


Hi Jamie,

AFAIk, this feature is not supported yet..

however , I have some details that can help you::

You can leverage REST API's to pull syslog messages from PI Server.

Using Curl scripts you can export syslogs into csv file.

You can use Cisco Prime Infrastructure REST APIs to extract the syslogs from

the following link on any PI instance: https://<ip_address>/webacs/api/v1

The complete REST API reference guide is available in the below link.




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Thank you for the response Afroj. I check out the link.