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Hi Team,        I am facing issue related to FTP file transfer via Kron policy,0 KB File is transfer properly to FTP server but in that Running configuration of router not shown insted of that same configuration on other router FTP file transfer pro...

Hi,I have a problem to trigger correctly an event with a specific andnot condiftion.I have one event interface link-event and the other one is an ip sla timeout.Both events works fine stand alone. My trigger condition is the problem. This is the conf...

rcrevier by Beginner
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Hi everybodySince several month we are using the Prime version 2.2 and everything went fine. Now I have the problem that I cannot add any new device. The system responses always "The device already exists". But that is not the case. I already restart...

b001348 by Beginner
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Hi,We are currently working on a solution comprising Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 and we can't understand if Prime Infrastructure can work as a syslog collector, since we can't get it to show us any syslog messages sent from the network devices in ...

Can someone give me instructions on running CCP on windows 10 using Java Ver 8 update 65? I keep getting (Application Blocked by Java Security) Also (Missing A permissions manifest attrbute in the main Jar) Thanks

artemus53 by Beginner
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Cisco Active Advisor will be upgraded on Thursday, Oct. 29th at 6:30 am CT. During this time the site will be unavailable for about an hour. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Among the updates are: New: Stacked switches now show all ...