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Cisco webcam wireless configuration

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Level 1

I am not able to configure a CISCO camera over wifi in packet tracer. I am only able to connect them to the server if they have a Fast Ethe output.

Any ideas, advice or help?
Thank you very much

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 Attach you .pkt file here. You need to zip it first. Easier to help.

Here you have.. I dont really know how to do it so thank you so much!


  It was missing the security and the SSID was not configured on the router. I created a SSID called CAMERA and it is connected.



Oh! It works!! Thank you so much!! Its connected to the Router. But i have one more question, how can i connect the wireless router to the server? Because the camera its configured with but im not able to see the camera in the server desktop webpage. 


Thank you! 



what instructions are you following ? The server has no default gateway, and the wireless router is not connected to anything on the Internet side...


 On the file attached I have connected the router on the infrasctructure in the simpler way possible. The server has the IP address of and I put the wireless camera as

However, you can connect the router somewhere else but keep in mind that if you plug the wireless router in another router you need to add static or dynamic routing on others routers.

 It is also interesting enable DHCP server on the server and put all camera in DHCP.