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CLI template creator with variables - where to start

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Level 1

Hello people !

I would like to be able to create a template that checks a device hostname and  takes actions according to it - my goal is to enable Energy Wise Domains - one for every location.

If I could have LMS4.2 to check the hostname of the device then would be easy to attribute the device to the aproppriate domain.


Device hostname AAAA_switch1 - Domain 1

Device hostname AAAA_switch2 - Domain 1

Device hostname BBBB_switch1 - Domain 2

I have read several threads about this but I am not being able to understand where is the best place to start.

Any help would be most apprecciated and will be rewarded with the deserved points

Thanks in advance


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Level 1
Level 1

Hello again

I am moving forward on my quest and hope that someone will give me a hand at some point   - these are my first steps on XML on LMS so I'll probably do some not so clever remarks.

Anyway to start I have created a cli template and exported it - that way I would have an XML file with the correct structure - I thought :).

Even if I dont do any changes and try so simply import to LMS the file created on the template I get the error message:

"Template import Failed. Unable to parse the XML file.Please ensure that the XML file is complaint to the schema."

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

many thanks


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