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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2020


CMX and Prime HA VMware workstation pro

Hi all,

Please refer to the Network Topology attached. I tbh dont know the VMware architecture too much but the way I have connected these guys, everything is able to ping each other and so the connectivity between them seems fine but for HA I dont know if I need to do something else on the VMWare workstation side of things that I might be missing so please help out.

I want to configure HA for both Cisco Prime and CMX. I followed the guides to configure HA but I run into the following errors,

1. On Prime: I enter the Secondary Server IP, Authentication Key, Check Enable Virtual IP(Same subnet, Enter my email and select Failover type: Automatic.
I get > "Error: Unknown Primary Mail Server admin"

Running into Mail Server Problems (I don't understand why we need to configure this in the first place). I don't need anything fancy configured, just want to perform simple HA and failover/failback testing.

Also, when I run the "Check Readiness", it throws, " SYSTEM-CHECK DISK IOPS shows 200 MBps on ...."

2. On CMX, I get, "Failed to enable high availability. Primary did not enter primary syncing state. state entered: primary configure error."



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