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DCNM LAN/SAN 10.4(2) SNMP Trap Forwarding

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Level 1

I'm trying to confirm whether a license is required to use DCNM as a SNMP trap forwarder for LAN and SAN switches.  In the licensing guide, it's pretty clear that a license is required to forward traps on the SAN side (see table 3 here):DCNM, Licensing, SAN, LANDCNM, Licensing, SAN, LAN

but there is no corresponding feature table for the LAN side.


My intent is for DCNM to receive traps from the switches, and then forward on critical events to another software package.



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Have you found out if snmp traps can be received from Nexus LAN devices?



which Nexus devices are you talking about ? As far as I recall, they all are capable of sending SNMP traps...

Hello Georg,


I am sorry, but I did not state my question correctly. The nexus in the environment are capable of sending snmp traps, which are sent to other monitoring tools. My problem is with the traps being sent to DCNM (11.5). Where can I see the traps being sent? Since we only have LAN License for the DCNM will it be able to receive the traps? I got confused with older versions of DCNM, which I understood could only receive traps for SAN deployments.

So is DCNM (11.5) able of receiving traps for LAN deployment? Is there a way to view the traps sent?


Thank you in advance,



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