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Device Not Reachable

Level 3
Level 3

Dear All

Devices are not reachable why ?

Thanks and Regards,


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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I will tell you in context of IOS, similar structure is for NX-OS, but the commands may differ.

For snmp v3 to work properly, you need to configure it in three steps :

1. Create View (to define what is accessible/inaccessible to a user in that view)

2. Create Groups (Member of that view(s))

3. Create user (member of the group(s)).

In your config I see the view is assocated to default view, i would recommend to change it and try to configure a new one.

snmp-server group PXXX2013 v3 auth write v1default

snmp-server group PXXX2013 v3 auth read v1default

Also, the same group name when executed twice, should have only last command executed, so your group command should be like this :

snmp-server group PXXX2013 v3 auth read xxxxx write xxxxxx

v1default is a default view, may be having issues. Confiugure new view this way :

snmp-server view testView iso included

snmp-server view testView xxxx excluded   ----> (optional, in case we want to exclude anything for restricted access)

Rest all seems good. After adding correct credentials in LMS, try to open device in device centre and do a snmpwalk to see if it works.


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **