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I am currently working for a customer who has deployed DFM ver 2.0.4. The problem I have got is the data retention period of 31 days. This is a problem because the customer would like to use the annotation feature within fault manager as a kind of "knowledge base". e.g. When a new event/alert appears they would like to search back through previous faults to find details of how a particular fault was resolved. However they can only go back 31 days. If I export the information from dfm I don't see any of the fault annotations, therefore the CSV/PDF export is of no use in this instance.

So, my question is, Is there a way to export event/alarm information (including annotations) directly from the DFM database?

Thanks in advance

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David Stanford
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Is the following method also not saving the needed information:

DFM > Fault History > Alert Filtering > Search By Device

Enter the device IP address

Select One Month (If that is what you wish)

Click on the export button

You should now get the save dialog box to save the file

in PDF or CSV.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately that option does not include the annotation information included in the alert, It just gives the alert info itself.

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