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DHCP Lease Reservations in Prime IP Express 8.2

How are enterprise customers keeping track of DHCP Lease Reservations in terms of a description for the device for which the reservation has been created?

In an enterprise, healthcare environment, we make reservations for say - medical vendor equipment.  Like many organizations, we have long used an access database containing entries with MAC, IP, description of the device, date created, etc. 

CNR customers since versions 2.0 through 6.3.3.  Presently migrating to Prime IP Express 8.2.  We would like to get rid of our access database/tables and rely exclusively upon features/functions in 8.2.  As best I can tell, there's no facility to provide a description - in addition to MAC, IP address, lookup key - for a given reservation.  Guessing it isn't in the RFCs. 

Do other enterprise customers have this requirement?  Thoughts on how they're handling it?  Maintain separate information sources in addition to DDI system itself?

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We use a different product

We use a different product for DHCP that includes comments for all the objects it manages.  It's managed on the server grid but not part of DNS itself per se.  However if you're looking for a DNS record specifically then you might be able to use a TXT record if it's not already being populated by the DHCP server.


Thanks for the reply, Chris.

Thanks for the reply, Chris.  Often, the equipment doesn't participate in our DNS.  Vendor just needs an IP address.  May or may not even DHCP to get it.  We wish to create the reservation in DHCP, so it doesn't "get stepped on" down the road.  And, we wish to document the assignment in DHCP.  

Maybe the Prime IP Express team will have some ideas




After some searching, found

After some searching, found this capability exists in both CNR 6.3.3 and Cisco Prime IP Express 8.x

In CNR 6.3, on the Add Reservation screen, its under the Advanced tab.  Device-name and Description can be added.  Wish I'd have opened that "+" box.

In Cisco Prime IP Express 8.x the same fields are available to populate.

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