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EEM script that generates only 1 email when a fxs port is offhook.



Using the below config I am able to receive a email anytime my voice port is in any other state than ON HOOK. The problem I have is the script runs every 30 seconds and I receive an email every 30 seconds the line is in any other state than "ON-HOOK". 

Is there a way to have only one email generated ONLY when the state changes from the previous state? 

example : the line is on-hook, changes to off-hook or park or whatever- a email would be generated.  ( only One email). not one every 30 seconds...

               The line goes from Off-Hook back to IDLE.  - A email would be generated to advise the line has been restored to a IDLE state. 


    I know what you're  thinking why? Well I was thinking of using the analog ports as kind of a poor man's slightly intelligent surveillance system. If port 1/0/0 goes off hook or shorted, then this is an alarm condition. A email would be generated. I just don't need a email every 30 seconds.  



scheduler allocate 20000 1000
event manager environment _email_from
event manager environment _email_to email
event manager environment _email_server
event manager applet check_1/0/0_if_NOT_ONHOOK
 event timer watchdog time 30
 action 001 cli command "enable"
 action 002 cli command "show voice port summ | include 1/0/0"
 action 003 foreach line "$_cli_result" "\n"
 action 004  regexp "on-hook" "$line"
 action 005  if $_regexp_result eq "1"
 action 006   exit 0
 action 007  end
 action 008 end
 action 009 syslog msg "PORT_1_is_in_any_other_state_then_on-HooK!"
 action 1.0 mail server "$_email_server" to "$_email_to" from "$_email_from" subject "$_event_pub_time:Test EEM port 1/0/0 is SHORTED ie IN ALARM" body "TEST Body"


Any ideas?

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Dan Frey
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Look at EEM context to save the value of a variable across policy runs.  So you could retrieve the value of the context and compare it to the current value, if they are different then send an email and if they are the same then no action.

The first time your updated policy runs and executes the context retrieve there will not be a value since you have to do a context save first.   To get around this make a second policy that runs at reboot to do a context save of the "on-hook" state.


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