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Exclude file format issue LMS3.2

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Level 1

[Clarke! HA! I just loved it when they used to call you that! Hey Rockstar, long time no see. If you do see this =-) Your biggest fan is back on the boards asking really dumb questions...]

I am working my newly inherited LMS3.2 into shape so I can move to Prime 4.2 (we bought an appliance, woooo) but until then can someone help me with:

I am geting:

Error in parsing exclude file C:/~blah blah path/filename.csv Please check the format of the file.

when I attempt to use Exclude in Device Management.


Kat Gaj

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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am sure Mr. Clarke has a long list of fan following ! I too isn't an exception!

This issue has bugged people since long. When exported file is usually opened with an excel sheet, it usually adds a few more commas which are not required in that file.

Later, LMS is not able to parse it, due to those extra added commas. Just try to export a simple 1 device file and before opening it in an excel sheet, open it in a notepad and open the main file you want to upload.

You'll easily be able to track those unwanted guests. remove them and you should be able to upload the file.


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

Thank you Vinod!!! I had forgotten about those ticks and all the formatting tricks necessary to interact with the database in 3.2. Been a while for me!!! I have more stupid questions, hope your up, just purchased 4.2 and PI1.2 (sadly just learned of their incompatibility/loss of functionality) cya Kat 

Good to know it worked for you! I beleive all questions are important and I am sure this community is born to answer each one of them.

Please feel free to ask as many as questions you want.

Congrats for your new LMS and CPI.

-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **