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Export device list in PI 2.0


I'd like to know is there a way to export list of monitored devices in Prime Infrastructure 2.0? I'm talking about ALL the devices displayed under Device Work Center. There is possibility to mark just 500 devices from the list. And I've got 10000+. And when I export 500 of them, device hostname is not included in the list...

I'd like to compare list of devices monitored by PI with a list of devices I've got in my Excel table.

Is there a chance to get this?




The device export under

The device export under device work center will export a list using the same syntax as the bulk import template file so they can be re-imported easily.

I think the best way to accomplish what you're trying to do is to run an inventory report. You can find this at Reports > Device > Inventory, customize the settings, then save and export as .csv (which you can then save as an Excel workbook). You might need to run a separate report for each device type (controller/switch/router/etc) but it should get you where you want to be with little headache.


Well, that's an idea but it

Well, that's an idea but it doesn't cover all the devices I've got in PI. I've got FWSMs for example. Report type for Inventory report offers just APs, controllers, MSEs, switches and routers. I don't see an option to list all the devices which are managed by PI.

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Exporting DevicesIn Prime

Exporting Devices

In Prime Infrastructure, you can export device information as a CSV file.

To export devices:

Step 1 Choose Operate > Device Work Center .

Step 2 Select devices and click Export Device .

Step 3 Enter an encryption password that will be used to open the exported CSV file.

Step 4 Confirm the encryption Password and click Export to export the device information.

Step 5 Double click the file and enter the encryption password to open the ExportDevice.csv file.


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