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How to Identify a Mystery IOS XR 6.6.X Device?

Hi Cisco gurus,


I have an odd predicament; I have a box running Cisco software, and I don’t know how to find documentation for the “show _____” commands.


To explain:  In my company, we have a number of devices that are technically Ubuntu boxes.  They’ve been loaded with Cisco software and function as L2 switches, or so I’m told.  Unfortunately, the engineer who supported them has left our company, and he left absolutely no documentation behind.


When I console into the box and issue a “show ver”, I see this:


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:SWITCH1#show ver

Cisco IOS XR Software, Version 6.6.12

Copyright (c) 2013-2019 by Cisco Systems, Inc.


Build Information:

 Built By     : gopalk2

 Built On     : Fri May 24 03:37:46 PDT 2019

 Built Host   : iox-lnx-035

 Workspace    : /auto/srcarchive17/prod/6.6.12/iosxrwbd/ws

 Version      : 6.6.12

 Location     : /opt/cisco/XR/packages/


Accton_as5916_54xks () processor

System uptime is 9 weeks 3 days 19 hours 2 minutes





I know Cisco IOS, but not IOS XR.  Google searches for “Cisco IOS XR 6.6” have pulled up all sorts of old links for many different devices.


What I really need is a basic sanity check:  What is this code?  Is there a troubleshooting guide, or at least a list of available “show _____” commands?  Fumbling through the “show ?“ menu is pretty intimidating, as there are many, many options.  I need documentation and perspective.  Can anyone offer any advice?

VIP Collaborator

I advice to ignore the ubuntu information for now.
many devices use an OS  based on some linux version, 
same with  home-wifi routers, UPS-network management card, webcams.
some Cisco appliances first run a VMware environment and on top of that an OS and an application
(e.g. Wireless Lan Controller and management appliances like CPI)

Cisco also has ISR (Integrated Services Routers) that also have a separate "module" that runs something like VMware or other type of containers. but most times you do not touch this unix environment, so don't bother until you are more experienced in this subject


Just look at the IOS-XR documentation 

Cisco IOS XR Software - Support - Cisco

as this are specialized devices, not all documentation is freely  accessible
apart from show version you may try "show inventory" to determine what hardware is involved




@pieterh This is great, thank you.  I don't know what the Ubuntu host of my box is, but you're right, I should ignore.  Thank you for the link!

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