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How to remove Static NAT from cisco 3845


Dear boss

I am using  cisco (C3845-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(11).  some static nat is configured. Now i want to remove all nat and configure again.

i am using router# clear ip nat translation *

                router (conf) # no ip nat .......... but no enty is beign delating.

How to detate all nat or single nat ????????



Sandeep Choudhary
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VIP Mentor

To remove old NAT settings on Cisco router you need to

1)Clear all old NAT translations

router#clear ip nat translatiom *

2)Disable old NAT pool settings

router(config)#no ip nat pool public_access netmask

3)And finally, disable the translation:

router(config)#no ip nat inside source list 1 pool public_access overload

From this point you can safely configure the new NAT settings.

or use this link:


Mr. sandeep

My nat is: ip nat inside source static

i did  : router # no ip nat translation *

          router(conf) # no ip nat inside source static

          router ( conf-in)# no ip nat outside

but nat is not deleting.  i alos reboot the router.

Still nat exist. what can i do now ????


have you deleteed the ip nat inside or outside from the interface configs????


mr. sandeep

yes. i deleted  ip nat inside or outside from all interface and tunnel


1st Q: when you did the "no ip nat...." did you do a "sh run | i nat" to see if the command took?  

2nd Q: when you reboot the rtr, did you save config or no?

I guess I should check dates on topics to see when they were posted.  5 years ago... this should have been resolved by now.  LOL!!!  Sorry, 1st and 2nd post from a newB on this forum.  

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