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Issue with EEM snmp-object event GET on table


I'm trying to use SNMP GET interception with 'istable yes'.    Ideally, I would like to pass the entire OID to a Tcl script that will then use the table index as an input to alter its behavior in generating the output, which will then be passed as a variable to the snmp-object-value action.

Here's the sample config used with my test:

event manager applet getTest

event snmp-object oid type int sync yes istable yes

action 10 syslog msg "OID: $_snmp_oid"

action 20 snmp-object-value event-id _event_id int 1234 next-oid

action 30 exit 1


Here's the response, including the value of _snmp_oid:

R2(tcl)#snmp_getone private

{<obj oid='iso.' val='1234'/>}


*Jan 18 13:11:49.155: [fh_fd_snmp_object_get_callback]

*Jan 18 13:11:49.155: [fh_fd_snmp_object_match_event]

*Jan 18 13:11:49.159: fh_fd_snmp_object_match_event: oid=, spec_oid=

*Jan 18 13:11:49.159: fh_fd_snmp_object_event_match: oid =, sync = 1, get_tty = 1, tty_buf = 0

*Jan 18 13:11:49.159: snmp_object_conn_tm_alloc: ptp=0x683AA58C

*Jan 18 13:11:49.159: fh_fd_snmp_object_event_match: publish_timer=0x66ABBB5C, ptp=0x683AA58C, max_delay=30000

*Jan 18 13:11:49.159: snmp_object_conn_tm_add: re=0x683A97CC, ptp=0x683AA58C

*Jan 18 13:11:49.167: fh_fd_snmp_object_event_match: re=0x683A97CC, ptp=0x683AA58C, oid=

*Jan 18 13:11:49.171: fh_send_snmp_object_fd_msg: msg_type=64

*Jan 18 13:11:49.171: fh_send_snmp_object_fd_msg: sval=0

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: %HA_EM-6-LOG: getTest: OID:

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: fh_fd_snmp_object_value: event_id=7, next_oid=, re=683A97CC

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: fh_send_snmp_object_fd_msg: msg_type=18


*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: [fh_fd_snmp_object_publish_done]

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: fh_fd_snmp_object_publish_done: rc=1, re=683A97CC

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: fh_fd_snmp_object_publish_done: rc=1, publish_expired=0

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215:   sid=7, ptp=0x683AA58C, connp=0x6838B230

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: fh_fd_snmp_object_publish_done: num_sync_msgs=0, response_code=6

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: snmp_object_conn_tm_remove: re=0x683A97CC, ptp=0x683AA58C

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: snmp_object_conn_tm_free: ptp=0x683AA58C

*Jan 18 13:11:49.215: fh_send_snmp_object_fd_msg: sval=0

*Jan 18 13:11:49.219: [fh_fd_snmp_object_get_callback] response_code=6, re=683A97CC

*Jan 18 13:11:49.219: fh_fd_snmp_object_get_callback: int=1234


'show event manager detector snmp-object detailed' only shows that it uses the following variables:

        Applet Built-in Environment Variables:












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