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LMS 2.6 and 2960-24TC-L switch


I have a LMS 2.6 with the followings

Campus Manager – 4.0.3



Cisco View – 6.1.2

The Following switches are showng unknown.

cisco WS-C2960G-24TC-L- 12.2(25)SEE2

cisco WS-C2960-48TC-L   - 12.2(35)SE5

In the device comatibility also i am not able to find the switches.

I wanted to know whether i need to upgrade the LMS? if so then will the license on my existing LMS work on the new/Upgraded LMS

BR// Rajiv


Re: LMS 2.6 and 2960-24TC-L switch


When searching a documentation for LMS device support, it is better to search if exact SNMP sysObjectID is supported. You can execute following command on the LMS server to get the switch sysObjectID (find snmpwalk.exe file on your server, this is an example for default location):

C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\objects\jt\bin>snmpwalk.exe -v2c -c

(  is the OID for sysObjectID variable.)


I'm not sure if there is a device package for the particular switches, but you can always try to search for updates via LMS Web GUI:

Common Services

> Software Center > Device Update


Common Services > Software Center > Software Update

If your LMS server has Internet access, and you have valid CCO user ID with privileges to download the software, you can download and install all minor updates and device packages... Everything offered for download when using previous Web GUI tools is free if you have paid Cisco SAS support and works with the same LMS license you already  have.

Do not forget to check for prerequisits (for example, sometimes is needed to install Mdf update for Common Services before installing some RME update...)

Best regrads,


Re: LMS 2.6 and 2960-24TC-L switch

Hi Jasmina,

I have tried update of the RME, CS, VC, DFM and CM packages to its latest updates, still the device is showing as unknown. Even i have updated the device updates. Still, I am not finding the device in the compatibility page of the cisco site.

The last option will be probably to upgrade. Please suggest.

BR // Rajiv


Re: LMS 2.6 and 2960-24TC-L switch

Hi Rajiv,

  • Please send the screenshot of the following page:


          Common Services > Software Center > Software Updates

  • Please send the screenshot of the following page:

          Resource Manager Essentials > Inventory > View Inventory Collection Status

  • What are the answers for snmpwalk.exe query for sysObjectID variable on those two switches? (It should be something like: and Please use the instructions from my previous message.)

Best regards,


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