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LMS 2.6 - RME IOS deployment very slow

We attempted out first IOS deployment using RME with LMS 2.6 the other day, and didn't get near the performance we expected from it. We did an image distribution job to push an IOS to a 2811 router at a remote site where they have a T1 connection. We have a 12Mb pipe at our HQ, so we expected a relatively quick push to the site. It took almost an hour and a half to push a 38MB image to the router. Using some of our network monitoring software, we were able to see that only 10% of the bandwidth available to the remote site was being used. We're using SCP as our primary method of copying the image down.

Does LMS have a built-in bandwidth throttling feature that would hold back the push to only use a certain amount of bandwidth so as to not overload the remote site? My concern is that we could lose connection to the site during that hour and then have to restart the process. Any thoughts are appreciated. We're planning to deploy a few more images in the coming weeks and would like to be able to get them out in a more timely manner. Thanks!

LMS 2.6

Solaris 9

RME 4.0.6

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, RME will not throttle anything.  You may be seeing some QoS throttling in your network, or there could be a bug on the device where SSH/SCP is slow.  What version of IOS is currently running on the device?

Sorry for the lack of update. I've been crazy busy

So I think we figured out what the problem is. We plugged a router into a machine locally, and directly connected to verify  if the problem was LMS or simply SCP related. It turns out that no matter what tools we use, we experience the slow speed. Even TFTP when connected directly to a PC had an extremely long upload time. After doing some research, it appears that the bottleneck is the write speed to the Flash card in the router. Apparently the 2811 has a fairly small buffer, so this causes the slow speed. I'm not sure that this is the root cause, I've just read it on some other tech forums on the subject. Once I eliminated LMS from th equation, google provided a lot more answers

Thanks for responding!

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