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LMS 3.0 topology services and email notifications issue


I have an LMS 3.0 install that was working when I installed it at a customer site a few months back.  I went back in to give them an overview of its operation and there are now several issues.  Nothing has changed since I installed it because the customer didn't know how to use it.

The issues now are

1.  When there is a link failure the mail account that should receive a notifivation gets nothing.

2. In topology services the faled link goes red but when repaired goes to dotted red and never goes back to solid black.

I know the mailing worked previously because I can see previous errors that were fixed being reported about a month back.

Also in DFM all my devices now show as learning under the device discovery page and never move from 10% completed.  I found another post that says I need to upgrade to LMS 3.0.1 and DFM 3.0.5

Is it possible this will fix the other issues ?

I have LMS 3.0, DFM 3.0.0, RME 4.1 and CM 5.0

Many thanks, Stephen.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes, your versions are plagued by numerous bugs.  It is highly recommended you upgrade to LMS 3.0.1, then apply the Campus Manager 5.0.6 and DFM 3.0.5 service packs.  LMS 3.0.1 can be downloaded from , and the various required SPs from Common Services > Software Center > Software Update.

Thanks for the reply.

I have applied those updates.  I have a some time now before I need to return the server to the customer.  Are there any further

updates it would be adviseable to apply beforehand ?


Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, those are the latest updates for your version of LMS.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Oh, you asked about prereqs.  No, the main prereq is the LMS 3.0.1 update which must be installed first.

Thanks again Joe

Server re-installed and working today.

Rediscovered devices and topology services now correctly highlights a failed and recovered links promptly.

Mail notifications also seem to be working as expected.

Thanks again for the help.