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LMS 3.1 high CPU utilization

Hi Joe,

     I am having LMS 3.1(100 device licence) with HUM 1.1(300 device licence) installed on a xeon 2.4 dual core server with 2GB ram. I am getting the High CPU utilization when pooling HUM interface utilization/ processor utilization report. Tomcat process is taking utilization above 90%. Please let me know weather the combination LMS(100 device)+HUM(300 device) with mentioned server configuration is ok or not. are there any other reason for which TOMCAT process goes high utilization.



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Hi please help me for this. I am getting SVCHOST and TOMCAT services consuming high cpu and memory utilization. I also wants to know weather 2 mb ram is sufficient for LMS 3.1 with HUM1.1 or not.

Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You need more memory.  With HUM managing 300 devices, you need 4 GB of RAM.

Hi we are not managing 300 devices in HUM. Its only 100 devices maximum we have in HUM. More over we have the license of LMS only for 100 devices.

So please let me know do  need 4GB ram for only 100 devices.



It can depend.  Technically, 2 GB is the minimum requirement, but that may not give you ideal performance.  The more objects you poll, and the more the other applications are doing, the more memory will be consumed.  If you start to swap, performance will really begin to plummet.  You should analyze the memory footprint to see if you're dipping into swap space.  You might also try disabling your HUM pollers to reduce overhead, and see if performance improves.  If it does, consider putting HUM on its own server, or adding more resources to this server.

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