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LMS 4.2.2 - Inventory fails when hardwareplatform is changed ?



You all know the senario; A managed device, let's say a c2801 router is being replaced with newer platform, let's say a c3900e series router.

Might aswell be a C2960 being replace by a c3750x

I the goodolddays, with LMS3.2.1, you would get the "conflicting device" notice that the SNMP OID has changed on this managed device. you then need to press update and the device would then be managed once more.

How is tyhis done in LMS 4.2.2 ?

I seem to see more and more device in one of my installation, that DCR sees teh new OID and updates, but Inventory fails ...

I get more of this, and the error is just; Internalt error in the job-browser ...

I see Device Center info is wrong, but DCR info is right ...

What to do, and how do LMS handle this ?

Can I get notice around when a device has been changed ?



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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

if the Device Inventory is failing once the device is replaced by another Hardware platform and the new one has similar IP Address, you should share the result for the perticular device failure.

It would be more helpful to see what made that device fail on inventory and what may have caused issue.

-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Although, I have seen similar issue, where re-adding device fix's the issue or simply Unmanage-Manage it on LMS 4.x. Because it a new hardware platform, it does not makes sense to keep config-archive or Inv data of older platform.

Also, You should see such alias devices under :

Inventory > Device Administration > Manage Device States


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

Dear Vinod,

Thank you so mush for your answers - I was starting to wonder If I am the only one seeing this ...

But I think not - I checked closely one of my other clients installations, and this infact does the same !

DCR Info is ok, but DeviceCenter info is wrong, and from the old device - also Inventorycollect fails.

I might have been unclear in my posts, but the JobBrowser say this after InvCol fails:

"RICS0001:Internal Error,unable to process the collected data from the device."

(I think many will find this issue if they look hard)

Also please finde the attached screenshot, after device search in upper right corner, hover mouse over crosshairs, to see the wrongly info ! (I have blurred client info)

(Please note that I see the exact same in more than one PrimeLMS4.2.2 installation)

I sure will try the Unmanage/Managed trick, but I really need to see this more clearly with in the LMS.

The Alias device I am aware of, but that is just not the same as the older "conflicting" device in LMS3.2.1

So were is Conflicting devices ?? The doc's say its gone in LMS4.2, but what has replaced that info ?

I kindda disagree your point of view in regards to old data. many clients need to have history tracking like features within the networks device, so just deleting device is not alway an option. So it does make sense to keep config arcihve etc in some cases.

anyone have similar issue ?

hmm - will have to start TAC case on this ...

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