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LMS Backup

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I saw on LMS 2.6 when we scheduled backup with fix number of generation we were getting successful backups and the number of gen increasing every time.

But since we upgraded to LMS 3.0 it seems that the two generation of LMS are being overwritten instead of creating a new gen number.

Though the Backup timestamp and gen timestamp matches.

Is that normal with LMS 3.0 to just overwite and it does not created a new gen number?

Any document for that information?


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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It depends on how you have configured the backup. If you have only selected two generations, then LMS will only create two gens, and overwrite older ones. This is to conserve on disk space.

Thanks jclarke,

So it means if the I have 2 gen to be created via backup 0 and 1, the third time the backup will run it will overwrie backup gen either 0 or 1?

But not like in LMS 2.6 as creating gen 2 and removing 0?

PLease advice.

No, generations are not purged until after a backup completes successfully. Therefore, if you already have gen 0 and 1, then next gen will be 2, then 0 will be removed. This has not changed since LMS 2.6. The idea is that at most, 2 generations will be preserved. If you're not seeing this, then the backup must not be running correctly. Check the dbbackup.log for errors.