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LMS E-Mail Notifications Errors Defination

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LMS send email notification to the customer (critical) as i customized

with error (authentication failure)

is there any sheet to know or identify what each error means ?

as i googled it and didnt find a solution

Thanks in advance

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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can check following document which describes what alerts mean, which are raised by LMS:

Also, LMS listens to some specific traps sent from device and process them to send some alerts.

For some SNMP traps, LMS either processes them or treats them as pass-through traps. These traps, and how LMS treats them, are described in these topics:

Processed SNMP Traps

When LMS receives certain SNMP traps, it analyzes the data found in the following fields of each SNMP trap message, and changes the property value of the object property if required:

•Enterprise (the sysObjectID of the agent or object)

•Generic Trap Identifier

•Specific Trap Identifier


•IP address of the SNMP agent

Pass-Through SNMP Unidentified Traps

Pass-through traps are the traps that are generated from devices and are not processed by LMS. The traps appear in the alerts and activities page, if they are generated from the devices that are managed by LMS. LMS cannot process these traps and map them to a topology element such as cards and interfaces. However, LMS can forward the traps irrespective of the device state is either managed or unmanaged. Forwarding these traps is controlled using Monitor > Fault Settings > SNMP Traps > Forwarding.

Pass-through traps are displayed as follows:

•As one of the following events:




•With the device type and the device name from which it was generated

Unidentified Traps

LMS may display an event as an Unidentified Trap. Normally an Unidentified Trap is reported when an event occurs on a device that is being discovered by LMS. To get more information on an Unidentified Trap see the corresponding Events page.

For more details check :



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