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Jarrad Thomas

Monitor XPS through 3750x SNMP

Hi People,

I'm looking for a way to monitor the state of externally connected power (XPS-2200) through a stack of 3750x switches.

I'm sure this can be done through SNMP somehow. If I could get an MIB to suit that would be helpful. I haven't managed to find one yet.

I am doing most of the network monitoring through PRTG with SNMP, so integrating with this system would be ideal.

But if anyone has any other ideas that could work, please let me know.



Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

I don't have one handy to walk; but doesn't the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB report on - ciscoEnvMonRedundantSupplyNotification?

Excellent, thanks Marvin.

I have set up PRTG to report on redundant supply notification through the cisco-envmon lib.

It is reporting "good" "#2".

Is there somewhere that describes what the reported numbers mean? And can I test this without having to drive down there and pull the plug on the redundant power?

You're welcome. I think it's just the status of power feeds into the stack master. I don't believe Cisco has instrumented the XPS per se via SNMP.

You can remote into the switch and get a lot from show commands, including all of the XPS connections. "show env xps" etc. as described here.

It's beyond my poor scripting ability but I believe a PRTG sensor can execute an ssh login script and parse the output in powershell for presentation in your monitor. Easier to just ssh in when a power supply shows as gone.

If it shows as faulty that would be my first point of call, to ssh in and check the status.

I'd like to prove that the monitoring is working before anything goes wrong.

I might just wait until I'm on-site next and pull the redundant power plug from one of the switches and see if it flags as failed within PRTG.

Thanks for your help.

I'll post my findings here after testing.