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Monitoring 3g data usage on cisco 887


Hi there

Have a problem coming my way with regards monitoring 3g data usage on an 887 router.  I have yet to play about on one of these boxes so fishing for some advice before the challenge lands on my desk.

The router will carry two links - x1 primary over the serial port and x1 secondary failover link utilizing 3g.

The 3g sim has an allowance of 1Gb per month (traffic has been baselined and this seems sufficient - not by me though).

I have a requirement to monitor the 3g link and trigger an alert at say the 60% mark (600Mb).  Whatever mechanism is used to count the data also has to reset to 0 at the beginning of every month as data stats will be included in monthly reports. 

Second conundrum, I also have to somehow split out the data usage stats to show my customers usage as well as my own.  My own being management traffic (mainly snmp and icmp) and present this in the monthly report.


#1 - Does the 887 have some form of 3g accounting capability either via gui or cli that can fulfil my requirements above?

#2 - With splitting the data usage stats, could this be achieved using netflow and if it was possible, could i only have my flows sent down the Primary link (obviously only when it is active) and if the box fails to 3g have netflow just count the data until the Primary kicks in again.

If no built in features can give me what i want i my go down the eem scripting route burt this is a last resort.

Hope somebody can help - Thank you.

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Collin Clark

Hey Nick,

The tricky part is getting the alert from consumed bandwidth. That will be handled from your NMS software of course. To answer your questions-

#1 - You can use the interface OID in MIB-II. There may be a specific MIB on the 3G, but MIB-II should work just fine. You can check on the 3G MIB here:

#2 -  I think that would work. You would flow only your interface and send that to NMS. During an outage the router will hold the Netflow data, but I don't think it can push old stats after the primary link comes online. It would probably work if the outage was short but if it was longer, you would have to jump in the CLI and view the data there. I would lab it up, but I don't have any Netflow software

Thanks for the quick reply Collin.

Will certainly take a look at the MIB table for 3g, hopefully find something of use but will also leave this alone if no built in feature available.

Regards Netflow software - solarwinds have a free flow configuration deployment and flow viewer tool thats really handy for testing.

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