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NAM Helper Image Download

Hi there Experts;

I  faced a problem and need your experience if you have encountered the  same issue or have something in mind you think it might help.

while upgrade NME-NAM module IOS on 2821, as a result of sudden disorder in power system nam helper image crashed and it seems

i have to fix this !

(as you may know without helper image you cant load IOS image of NAM so it doesn't work !!)

on the other hand in Cisco documents it's mentioned besides upgrading NAM IOS we can upgrade helper image too.

but i couldn't found in Cisco downloads the appropriate link to download either older version or latest version of

Nam helper image. (even with CCO Account)

I would be happy if anybody share the link to download the NAM Helper Image, in addition i have a brand new NAM Module that contains NAM Helper Image but I couldnt find a way to tranfer this image via ftp to ftp server !

waiting for your comments, thanks

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

I couldn't find the helper image either. Normally one would expect that to be archived along with the main images here.

I suggest opening a TAC acase and they can direct you to a special download of software not published through normal channels.