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No Performance Data - Prime Infrastructure

I'm currently running Prime Infrastructure 3.2. I've seen several devices where there is no performance data (CPU,Memory,etc). The device is successfully being managed by Prime and in some cases, also has an archived config. Given this, I see no reason why these devices would not have any performance data. These devices have also been in Prime for several plus weeks. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Re: No Performance Data - Prime Infrastructure

What devices ? can you post some configuration from Devices config ( SNMP)



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Re: No Performance Data - Prime Infrastructure

Most of the devices that I've noticed that don't have performance data are 'Connected Grid 10-port Ethernet Switch Module Interface Card'. I swear in the past I've seen some that have this data, but I'm currently not finding any that do. I'm not sure if there's an easy way to search this.


For the majority of our devices, the SNMP configuration should look like the below.

snmp-server community XXX RO ro
snmp-server community XXX RW rw
snmp-server location XXX
snmp-server ip dscp 16
snmp-server contact XXX
snmp-server chassis-id XXX
snmp-server system-shutdown
snmp-server enable traps tty
snmp-server enable traps ipsla
snmp ifmib ifindex persist
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Re: No Performance Data - Prime Infrastructure

Do you have a monitoring profile configured? Is it applied to those devices? Are the devices configured to accumulate the stats? For the basics the devices probably don't need a configuration but for other metrics you might.


Re: No Performance Data - Prime Infrastructure

I think you're on the correct path. It appears by default, PI retrieves this data for Routers and Switches/Hubs. It doesn't look like the default policy will pull this information from Interface Modules.


I'm not sure how to edit this and the document I found online is different than what I'm seeing. Here's the link


Here's what I'm seeing. I'm currently at Monitor / Monitoring Tools / Monitoring Policies / My Policies. There's an 'Automonitoring - Device Health' policy that is only configured for Routers and Switches/Hubs.




When I select the policy and choose 'Edit', it takes me to 'Automonitoring', which I don't see how I can change the groups assigned to this policy from here.





I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Thanks.

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