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Notification of change in Cisco prime infrastructure

Radhika Nair

Hello Guys, Can someone guide me if there is any way to get mail notification from cisco prime like If someone does changes inside the production firewall (for eg. add a access rule ) is it possible in any way to get mail notification with information such as to know who accessed last and who modified the last change and what was the last change made by them .

Your response  would be really helpful.

Is this possible in Cisco prime or in any application at all ?

CiscoPrimeInfrastructure3.1 设备的端口流量监控 


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  I dont believe Cisco Prime will do what you want exactly but you can try something like this.

Create a Syslog Policy. In Policy Attributes, under Action, use "Send Email". Then in Action Options you can enter your email address.

 In device group, choose the device you want. In syslog field, configure the filter properly. 

As far as I konw this could be one option.  You may need to look at your target device how can it log configuration changes and send it to Prime as syslog server.



You can set it so that prime takes a new backup of device everytime a change has been made in the device, you should use the snmp trap to make it happen. Its under device archive. 



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