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PI 3.4 lobby accounts


we are running PI 3.4.2


I have a question, and wondering if anyone has dealt with this.

Our corporate policy for guest user accounts is 8 hrs. Each branch admin has their branch lobby account info.

works great, we rarely hear anything.


today, one of the branches asked about being able to set up an account that renews everyday and that a random password is ok. I replied that he can select the "schedule guest user" option and he would be fine. He replied saying that he cannot edit any of the time parameters, IE - time of day, day of week checkboxes, etc are all greyed out. After playing around with some different account options, I found that this does work if and only if the allow defaults to be editable box is checked. 

Obviously that would not be an extensible model for the enterprise.


my question is, is there any other way to allow recurring scheduling without checking the "allow defaults to be editable" box?

sorry for rambling, if anything isn't clear I can re-word. Thanks

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