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Network Help (IPSec Tunnel, VLAN)


Hi all,


I am trying to achieve the following in the attached network however, struggling to do so. Would really appreciate a response to each question please as previously they have been overlooked.


1) Can the 3 different routers (and then subsequently the devices) talk to each other, without being physically connected, via the IPSec VPN tunnel? If so, the server at Site 3 (without having a server in each location), as well as the devices in each site should be able to talk to each other.


2) Devices in the same VLAN should be able to talk to each other, in all 3 sites, however they should not be able to communicate with devices outside of their VLAN. (For example, PCs in VLAN50 in Site 1 should be able to ping each other as well as ping the devices in VLAN50 on Site 2 and Site 3 but these devices should not be able to communicate with devices in VLAN60).


2) I am unable to ping the servers from any PC in Site 3 (PCs 13 to 16). Not sure what is incorrectly set?


Thanks in advance.


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