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Prime 3.1 to 3.4 - Have built separate VM




I've built new VM of Prime 3.4 and restored 3.1 in to on.

Everything looked good, till tried to login with TACACS, got limited access to features.

Wasn't able to log on via root, even when removed Prime from TACACS.

Have managed to update the NCS Attributes in ACS to match 3.4, but this did not fix the issue.  Have a call to TAC, but over 30 hours ago, no response.


Have carried out ncs cleanup, rebooted.


Have now changed the IP and brought up my 3.1 so have some sort of monitoring.

Anyone come across this?

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VIP Mentor


 - The only thing I can suggest for the moment, if you have some spare VM's , is to clone the 3.1 and try an upgrade path to 3.4 , instead of a backup / restore. Check whether this helps.


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VIP Engager

did the new prime server get a new ip-address ? -> add it as host to the tacacs+ server 

did you define authorization profiles in the tacacs+ server? -> menu items may have changed

-> re-edit the tacacs+ roles 


Step 1 Log in to Prime Infrastructure as an administrator.

Step 2 Choose Administration > Users > Virtual Domains.

Step 3 In the left sidebar menu, choose the virtual domain for which you want to apply the RADIUS and TACACS+ attributes.

Step 4 Click the Export Custom Attributes link in the upper right corner of the page. The popup Virtual Domain Custom Attributes page displays the list of RADIUS and TACACS+ custom attributes in two separate panes

Step 5 Click and drag your mouse cursor to select the text in the RADIUS or TACACS+ Custom Attributes list (depending on which server you are currently configuring).

Step 6 Using your browser menu, copy the text to your clipboard.

Step 7 Log in to ACS and navigate to the User or Group Setup.

If you want to specify virtual domains on a per-user basis, then you need to make sure you add all of the custom attributes (for example, tasks, roles, virtual domains) information to the User custom attribute page.

Step 8 For the applicable user or group, click Edit Settings.

Step 9 Select the check boxes to enable these attributes, then click Submit + Restart.

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