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Prime Infrastructure 2.2 - Unable to install TechPack

Kevin P Sheahan

I'm spinning up a new install of PI2.2. I've patched the install and i'm trying to apply the "Data Center Technology Pack". I've already installed the "Wireless Technology Pack" so when I go to install the DC pack it states an error that "More than one Tech Pack install is not allowed". I get the error when trying to install from "Administration > Software Update" interface.


If I have to choose between the two, I'd very much prefer the Data Center TechPack - though I've struck out thus far in finding a way to un-install the Wireless TechPack to accommodate for the DC TechPack.


Anyone ever run into this or have ideas?


Thanks for your time.


Kevin Sheahan

Kind Regards, Kevin Sheahan, CCIE # 41349
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Joachim Tingvold

I'm in the same boat. Guess I should've read the release notes for the tech packs more carefully. Seems weird that one has to choose between them; why not both? Running two PI-installations just to get all features, when they could run on one just fine?

I just ended up re-installing altogether to get the right techpack on there. I had initially thought to go through the CLI and reset the config like you can do with ISE but when you do that it states that "application reset-config is not supported by NCS".

I'm running into so many other issues as well with some relatively simple deployment templates and topologies. Good thing I'm only working with this in the lab right now, this release needs some attention from the developers in a bad way.

Good luck!


-Kevin Sheahan

Kind Regards, Kevin Sheahan, CCIE # 41349

I've done too many reinstalls of PI the last year. I won't accept that as a suggested workaround from TAC anymore. CPI looked promising in the beginning, but now we're running into the same kinds of issues that we had in LMS back in the days, and that of a product that is still missing tons of functionality that was in LMS. I wonder what we'll experience when all that functionality finds its way into CPI...


I was able to install both packs at one customer site, but only the Wireless pack at another site.


I opened a TAC case and got this reply:


+This error is already addressed with high severity ticket opened with product team regarding this behavior which we are seeing  , we cant install the Datacenter pack and Wireless one , only one of them.


The bug opened for that  to update documents and release notes :


CSCut90041    Readme needs to warning that only 1 tech pack can be installed.


you  will need to wait for next release where all these  tech packs are integrated , the plans is moving forward to tech packs in PI 3.0, in which DE will ensure that multiple tech  packs can be deployed.


I have installed CPI 2.2 twice now attempting to get the data centre tech pack to work.  Both times I upgraded to the latest maintenance release and restarted.  Then I attempt to install the tech pack, installation is successful and I reboot, after the reboot CPI can't fully start and I see the following when issues show application status NCS

I have read through the readme and can't see that I'm missing anything.  Does anyone know if the OVA deployed needs to be higher than express for these tech packs to work?

I'm seeing the exact same issue at our site.

After installing the Data Center Technology Package on a system patched to 2.2.2 and rebooting the system, services do not fully start and I have the exact same message. Since the technology pack can not be uninstalled the only option is to reinstall prime or revert to a backup.


So I like to have all offered updates installed. I go and install one by one and installed Data Center Technology Pack. Now I can't install "PI 2.2.2 Maintenance Release" and since I can't upgrade to 2.2.2, now I can't install "(ONLY for PI 2.2.2) June, 2015 Number 03 Update" either.

Cisco, what say you? What is the recommendation, not to install updates? Use the initial version shipped as image or VM and not to touch anything?


We have PI 2.2.1 installed with Data Center (DC) Tech Pack and cannot update to 2.2.2. I get the following error when attempting to update to PI 2.2.2

"Error on Install[Prime Infrastructure (PI) 2.2.2 cannot be installed on a server that has the Data Center (DC) Tech Pack deployed on it.]"

Just checking on the notes for the Data Center Tech Pack and it state: "MUST HAVE 2.2.1 MR INSTALLED AND IS NOT SUPPORTED ON TOP OF 2.2.2 OR ON TOP OF WIRELESS TECHPACK"

I've opened a case and hope that I get a better answer than "reinstall PI" as that is not acceptable.

I just received a response from TAC that basically states to perform a full reinstall of PI 2.2 and then apply the latest patch and perform a restore of the backup I have prior to the Tech Pack install (in that order).

Completely unacceptable.

Not only is that particular backup now several weeks old, the tech pack has no mention of the issue (not being able to update going forward, as it seems) in the release notes. To make the issue even more frustrating is that Update 04-3 (2.2.3) is out but I must have Update 03-2 installed first (2.2.2).

I've requested an escalation so I will keep you posted.

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