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Prime Infrastructure 3.5 SNMP v3 timeout /engineID

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Hi Guys,

currently we have two Prime Infrastructure 3.5 Update02 DP1 Systems. 

These are two parallel systems with the same configurations and devices. 


Our primary system is working fine. Our snmp discovery works as intended.


On the secound system, which we just setup, we are running into issues while syncronizing one of our Catalyst 3850.

If we Edit the device and "Update" the credentials it says "SNMP Connectivity Failed", but the System should be able to reach the device.


On the prime platform we are also getting the message "Device unreachable for SNMP V3 Credentials"


On the 3850 we are getting a log with the following message:

Apr 29 11:08:50.365 CEST: SNMP: Packet received via UDP from <PRIME_IP> on Vlan1

Apr 29 11:08:50.368 CEST: SNMP: Packet sent via UDP to <PRIME_IP>


This is the only device where we are running into this error.

We cant figure out why the device is not reachable when we try to push a snmp v3 user.



we intend to replace our "older" PRIME with the new one, but we want to make sure everything is working fine before we do so.



Thanks in advance

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