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i need to know for the prime infrastructure LMS and UC support the below or not :-

Monitoring and Diagnostics:
1. Automated discovery.
2. Diagnostic view.
3. Fault monitor.
4. Performance monitoring.
5. Diagnostics tests.
6. Northbound interfaces.
7. Service-level and inventory reports

Service Monitoring:
1. The management solution should provide the ability to display service-level
views of information for monitoring purposes.
2. The management solution should set service-related thresholds and monitor the
IP communications components to detect violation of the thresholds.
3. The management solution should display service-related alerts in a browserbased
display for analysis.
4. The management solution should continuously monitor and evaluate active calls
for voice quality.
5. The management solution should report voice quality problems that occur on
monitored, active calls to the user via a GUI display.
6. The management solution should report such problems to a higher-layer
application via north-bound interfaces.
7. The management solution should use standards-based mechanisms to monitor
voice quality on active calls.
8. The management solution should monitor active calls for voice quality in a
scalable and distributed fashion.
9. The management solution should provide call-segment-specific mean opinion
scores (MOS).

10.The management solution should be easy to use and install.
11. Voice metrics.
12. Correlated reports.
13. Most-affected endpoints report.
14. Northbound interface.
15. Enhanced reports.
16. Customized threshold settings.
17. Call classification.
18. Scalability

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting:
1. The management solution should provide contextual diagnostic tools for
2. The management solution should provide tests to simulate / replicate end-user
3. The management solution must measure the performance of WAN links and
node-to-node network quality.
4. The management solution should support probable path trace performance
between two endpoints of a monitored segment.
5. Unified performance statistics.
6. Predefined and customizable reports.
7. SLA constructs.
8. Usage trend reports and top-N upgrade candidate reports.
9. Top-N and exception reports.
10. Report distribution through email and a web-based portal.
11. Selectable data and report formats.

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If you're a partner bidding on a proposal, you should consult the partner help desk for this sort of question.

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hi fawzy

did you find the answer...

it is prime or something else