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Hey there, I have Cisco ISR 900 device. I'm trying to pass traffic from my vlan 10 via dialer 1(ppoe client).When i tested ping from dialer 1 it works but i can not combine dialer and vlan.Can anyone see what i'm doing wrong? Config in spoiler:Spoile...

Hi We have devices ip address like this Anyone can help to show python commands to let ip address like,, ? or below, Thank you10.1.1.2,, 

Leftz by Enthusiast
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Hello i need your advice, im practicing LAB environment where Router act as DHCP server and using sub interface to Switch 1 and then from Switch 1 To Switch 2 using Dynamic Routing IS-IS where DHCP client under Switch 2. which ip do i need for ip hel...

reylite by Beginner
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Hi, We have two kinds of servers to monitor all our devices. Each of two servers has very similar ip address with each other. Engineers add new ip address to one of the two server sometimes, other time add ip to other server, which make the ip addres...

Leftz by Enthusiast
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