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Problem: LMS 3.2 SP1 do not connect to CCO for software and device updates

LMS 3.2.1

When I try to check Software and Device packages updates for LMS components, it fails with "Error while downloading package information from for the selected products. See the d:/CSCOpx/log/psu.log file for details." diagnostics.

CSCOpx\log\psu.log shows that it fails with 404 error. Looking to wireshark capture, I see that software make GET to, then GET to, then GET to with some params, which result in "404 Not Found" error nevermind which product (Common Services, Campus Manager, RME, DFM or others) I try to get updates on.

Is there any patch or solution for it?

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Martin Ermel
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

have you installed the patch for bug ID CSCto46927, yet?

the details form the Bug Tool Kit:


Psu support changes from CCO to SPRIT


After the 16th of June 2011 LMS will no longer be able to download Software and Device Package updates, or PSIRT and End of Sale/Life information from CCO


Hosted services in that are being leveraged by LMS, for downloading the latest Software and Device Package updates, as well as the PSIRT and End of Sale/Life information are being migrated to a new framework and the old services will be retired.

This will affect all LMS 3.x and 4.x versions.

Refer to for more information


Users of LMS 3.2.1 , 4.0 should install the patch that can be downloaded from

Users of earlier version will need to upgrade to LMS 3.2 and then install the LMS 3.2 SP1 patch set before installing the patch   


the patch can be downloaded here