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Purging Devices from LMS 3.1

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Hi there

I'm looking for ways to purge devices from LMS 3.1.  I understand in LMS 3.2 this is available from the Common Services section.  Looking through our DCR there are devices that are either no longer reachable or have been replaced or had name changes.  We carry out an import from ACS once a week which is accurate but this doesn't automatically remove devices from the DCR.

Is there a way of finding out which devices can be removed from the DCR as they are unreachable without going through each one individually as we have over 1600 devices ?

Many Thanks

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VIP Alumni

Well, as long as you're ok with deleting anything not reachable "now" without caring about "for how long", here's one way to approach it:

Looking at the thread this may require a bit more thought.

If we were able to identify the devices that could be successfully purged I understand that this would remove from DCR.

What would happen to the configs and reference to this device that exist in the other applications i.e RME, CM, would this also be purged at the same time ?

Many Thanks

DCR CLI provides an option:

"Enter -f in the command line to delete all the devices including the devices managed by applications. This is optional."

that helps approximate the two options given when deleting devices in the GUI:

  • Delete only the device(s) not managed by Applications
  • Select this option when you want to delete the devices that are not managed by one or more applications. This option is enabled only when you have chosen to delete one or more devices from the device selector that are managed by applications.

  • Delete all the device(s) selected
  • Select this option when you want to delete all the selected devices from DCR including the devices managed by applications. However, the device information still remains in the application databases.