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QoS on MPLS Ethernet interface



To all QoS experts out there, I've a quick question, but first a bit of background. We've around 15 sites connected via a provider MPLS cloud. The resources are centralised in one -hub- site which has the biggest throughput. Its current link size is 50Mb connected to the MPLS cloud via a Fast Ethernet interface.

The problem we're facing is that the hub site is bursting to the remote sites more than they can handle ending up by the provider dropping the traffic. All remote sites have QoS deployed -for output traffic-, meeting the bandwidth purchased.

How can we apply a policy map on the hub site so it doesn't send more than the remote sites can handle. I was thinking of classifying traffic based on the subnets of each remote sites but this will be a cumbersome ongoing task to manage and add hundreds of lines to the config on the hub router (many access-list, and policy maps, etc.)

Do you recommend any third party hardware/utility? We're thinking of using packeteer but still not sure if this will help us resolve our issue

The other question is what's the best utility to monitor how the QoS is behaving, showing stats of different classes, raising alert if one of the classes is reaching certain threshold, etc. Will CiscoWorks QoS Policy Manager do the job? And are there any better utilities in the market?

Thanks in advance


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You may have to use "mls qos trust" on interfaces to which IP phones are connected.

Also change the bandwidth to Priority for RTP traffic in the policy-maps. RTP is the actual voice traffic & needs priority queuing.

Another method of QoS if 1 is not sure of the markings, turn-on "ip nbar protocol-discovery" on the router & then match clas-maps with protocols rather than dscp markings.

Hi Markus,

Since I posted my initial question, I went and I did similar configuration which is under test. The only problem I've to to find a good freeware traffic generator.

Thanks for letting me know that someone did similar thing.



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