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Resetting a SFS 7024 Infiniband switch.


I hope this is the right place to ask, otherwise please point me in the right direction :-)

We have recently recieved some used computing gear for HPC. With that came a Cisco SFS 7024 infiniband switch, which should handle the compute traffic of the cluster. As the system has been used before, i would like to reset the switch, to configure it anew for our setup. Normally with switches there is a possibility to factory reset it, but I have looked everywhere on the switch and in the online manual with out any luck.

I have gone through the part where an OOB IP is given to the switch. I do however not know if the former users has changed this, and what it might be.

What can i do to reset the SFS 7024 to stock settings?

Best Regards

Mads Boye.

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

Have you tried using the serial port and setting the address as noted on page 12 of the Installation and Configuration note?

Once logged in, you can validate all of the device settings. I don't believe these switches have a "reset" function that wipes the configuration.

Hi Marvin.

Yes i forgot to mention that. I have tried to connect with the serial port but i face a rather wired problem. I have taken a picture of it. The standard blue Cisco cable does not fit, the connector seems to be too big. Is there an older version of this cable

EDIT: hmm, i realised that it is a rj11 plug. Will see if i can find a rj11 to db9 adapter.

The RS232 Serial cable pinout is as follows in RJ12: brown, red, orange, green, yellow, blue. cut off the black and white wires. that order is looking towards it from the side shown in your photo, I hope this helps.

--Jeffrey Holden

Northwest Remarketing

Hi Marvin.

So i tried to connect with a RJ-11 cable to a serial and to reboot the switch. no output was given to the terminal application. Will try again tomorrow, and test if the cables are working. Is it possible to get the original cables from Cisco, as the one that was shipped with the switch has been lost.

Best regards


Those switches haven't been sold for 4 years so that'll be hard finding original cables. Note the ones these boxes required have to conform to the following:

Note If the spine module RS-232 port is connected to a terminal emulation program, the user will be able to view the switch boot process. Be certain to use a null-modem/crossover serial cable for the console port. The settings for the terminal emulation device should be:

–8 data bits

–no parity bits

–1 stop bit

–57.6K baud

–Use VT100 emulation.

–Flow control = XON/XOFF

The highlighted bits are the ones to ensure you have as they are different than the usual console connection you see most often on Cisco gear.