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Router not following Config


I have a 2911 that has had a QOS policy on it for about a year.

About a week now I have noticed that the traffic is no longer being tagged as per the QOS assigned to the port.

It is setting many items to default when I am assigning an EF or other rating to them .

If I take the QOS off the port it will pass the incoming QOS through.

I have 5 other 2911s with the same QOS on them and they are all working correctly.

And I went through and compared configs to verify.

One example is  our Video traffic we call ZOOM. It is always on port 8801 or 8802

So Acl is

ip access-list extended zoom
 permit udp any any eq 8801
 permit udp any any eq 8802
 deny   udp any any

Class map is

class-map match-any video
 match protocol h323
 match access-group name telemed
 match access-group name zoom

Policy is

  class video
  set dscp cs4

And I do assign the service-policy output to the needed port.

I am planning a reboot of the router when Time allows.


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Philip D'Ath

If the configs are the same, and traffic is being marked correctly - is the problematic 2911 running the same IOS software version as a 2911 that is working?

Yes , Several 2911s, all running Ver 15.2.

And this one router was working for about a year with most of the current config on it.

Any changes were made to all of them. Like keeping things standard as much as I can.

Just didn't know if anyone had ran across something like this before.



Anyone interested, A simple restart of the router fixed this issue.


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