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SMTP with TLS in applet or TCL


I am trying to relay an email through Gmail.  I found in EMM 4.0 support was added for TLS with the keyword "secure" in the applet but I have not found any documentation anywhere on how to do this in TCL policy.  The trouble is that we are limited on the applet by feature request CSCsv24106 to allow the @ sign in the username which Gmail requires.

Can anyone assist in documentation for cisco::lib that explains how to use TLS for smtp_send_email function (or another function that accomplishes SSL-SMTP)?  The release notes for EMM 4.0 say the added "secure" keyword is intended to use web-based email, but most of them require the full email address as the username.

If I am wrong on this, please provide an example of relaying an email through Gmail.


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Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

TLS support is only available in applets as the IOS Tcl does not support crypto.  As you point out, if you need to use an email username with an '@' that will not be possible with TLS at this time.

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