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Snmp trap receiver Utility


I'm looking for an SNMP trap receiver that will collect snmp trap messages, has a search feature, and will alert network team via email in the event of an outage (eg: bgp peer down messages). Something easy to use and that can install rather quickly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Marvin Rhoads
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If you're at all handy with Linux, Nagios or Cacti can do what you're asking. Capex is free but opex has cost.

If you want a Windows out of box experience buy something like SolarWinds Orion NPM or IPSwitch What's Up Gold. Some capex but arguably less opex.

SolarWinds Orion NPM

Talk about timing Marvin.  Got this email from SolarWinds yesterday:

Download a FREE Trial of Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) from SolarWinds!


I use Ciscoworks LMS to send me emails when a given syslog arrives. (syslog, automated Actions)

It can also take SNMP TRAPS, not sure if it can actually send you email when it gets a specific TRAP, but i guess it can.

Any linux server with the right basic tools will also do the same.

castlerock SNMPc is a very good SNMP tool, and can search and email among other things.

Also gives you a Red,amber, green view and polls devices f.x. for a given service, like a TCP port.

highly customizable.

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