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Syslogs to external device on daily basis

Chidananda S
Level 1
Level 1

hi all,

i would like to know if there is any ways to send system logs to an external location (share drive) on daily basis. This is to capture certain logs from the voicegateways to an external destination location for future reference. need solution which can work without human intervention.

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Seb Rupik
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi there,
Your best option is to mount an external drive on your syslog server.
On a Linux box you could configure dropbox, or an SMB/ NFS mount to a shared folder/ drive and then run a cron job to copy the syslog files to it periodically.



Seb... thanks for your reply. this is an good idea. but my requirement was something we could do from the voice gateway so by it's own it sends logs to destination location. hosting one Linux VM/machine is not practical in big organization.

there are two things i want to consider

1) when this is implemented i want to keep the logs to local share drive

2) Voice Gateway push logs to designated location rather external agent pulling it. I am avoiding external agent just because of above (1) point.