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Tcl script to change access vlan based on MAC address

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Hello all.  I'm looking for some input on how best to handle this situation. I have a large nework with a lot of remote offices where we have limited control over users moving around patch cables. We're using vlan-based QoS in these office to mark voice, video, data. etc. The problem I'm having is that our users are moving video conferencing equipment to different interfaces on our swithes, which puts the VTC unit in a different vlan, fouling our QoS policy.  They then call and complain about poor video quality.

I'm trying to come up with a way to automate putting the interface in the video vlan if a VTC unit is connected. All of our video conferencing units are from the same vendor, so they have same OUI in the MAC address. The script I've been working on looks for a line protocol up event, then checks to see what access vlan is configured on the interface. If the interface is already in the video vlan, the script exits.  if the interface is not in the video vlan, the script looks at the MAC address table for the interface and if the OUI matches a VTC unit, the script changes interface configuration. My question is, is there a better event to trigger script execution? Maybe a MAC notification trap, or something else? Line protocol transitions when the access vlan is changed, so the current script runs twice: once when the interface first comes up with a new connection, and again when the vlan is changed. 

Script is attached.  Any help or advice is appreciated!

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Does your video equipment use CDP?  If so, then you can use the neighbor-discovery event detector to only react when you see a media endpoint being connected to a port.  Yes, MAC address notifications (the mat ED) can also work if you know the MACs of your media endpoints.