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Use CIsco Prime like MRTG

I am assisting with managing a Prime Infrastructure 3.2 deployment. It has more than 2000 devices under its umbrella. All the basic stuff such as config archive, image management, and health monitoring is working fine. 


What I would like to be able to do is drill down and see detailed statistics of interface utilization over time? 


I see the performance dashboard and interface utilization but it seems to not give any useful data. I have messed with traffic statistics data retention times under system admin, and tried to set a dashlet to view detailed utilization stats, but it seems to always return blank info on ports i know are busy. What I would like to be able to do is set up a custom view that shows me a specific interface, or group of them  - detailed TX/RX utilization on a port for a day, a week, a month etc, such as free MRTG would do.


I would also like to do the same thing with Netflow data showing detailed app statistic, conversation info, the things that Netflow reports on (not just 'Top N apps, etc- DETAILS PER LINK!!!!)


Is Prime the wrong tool to use to get this data? Should I tell them to get Solar Winds, PRTG, StatSeeker, Scrutnizer, etc all that sort of stuff? Is this something Prime is even useful for?  It seems extremely obtuse the way you have to get any useful info from Prime. Am i just using it wrong? If you read the docs it says that stuff is there. The "dashlets" show some stuff but its tedious to drill down to specific ports thru the GUI and then not see any useful data when you finally get there.  Please dont just say "RTFM' because i have been. If you can give me some advice, suggestions, etc beyond 'look at this URL'. . Please help me decide whether i should even keep using this or recommend another/best network management/monitoring platform to get the info I want to see.