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using action info in applets

So Cisco documents these perculiar $_info_foo_bar_[1-N] variables here:

But give no example or tcl-esque action (such as subst/eval?) to actually use them in an applet!

Can someone demonstrate how to make this work in an applet:

event manager applet B0RK-ACTION-INFO

event none

action 1 info type cli history

action 2 puts "num entries: $_info_cli_hist_num_entries"

action 3 puts "first entry: $_info_cli_hist_cmd_1"

action 4 puts "last entry: $_info_cli_hist_cmd_$_info_cli_hist_num_entries" ! <-- b0rk b0rk b0rk



ios#event manager run B0RK-ACTION-INFO

num entries: 8

first entry: end

%HA_EM-3-FMPD_UNKNOWN_ENV: fh_parse_var: could not find environment variable: _info_cli_hist_cmd_

%HA_EM-3-FMPD_ERROR: Error executing applet B0RK-ACTION-INFO statement 4

Are these fools errand features? Of course one could write a tcl script. But that defeats the whole purpose of using the documented applet api.




Unfortunatly EEM would not exapnd variable content to be used as part of the EEM syntax...

The only way I am aware you can accomplish what you tried to do is by generating a dynamic EEM applet...

The problem with this specific solution is that actually creating the child policies would break the cli history ;-)

So it doesn't really do what you want... so just a nice concept for other similar things...

Something like this:

conf t

no event manager applet PARENT

event manager applet PARENT

event none

action 1   info type cli history

action 2   puts "num entries: $_info_cli_hist_num_entries"

action 3.1 set entry "1"

action 3.2 cli command "enable"

action 3.3 cli command "conf t"

action 3.4 handle-error type ignore

action 4   while $entry le $_info_cli_hist_num_entries

action 4.01  cli command "event manager applet CHILD"

action 4.02  cli command "event none"

action 4.021 puts "  >>> ENTRY=$entry"

action 4.03  cli command "action 1 info type cli history"

action 4.04  cli command "action 2 set result $q \$_info_cli_hist_cmd_$entry $q"

action 4.05  cli command "action 3 context save key result_context variable result"

action 4.06  cli command "do event manager run CHILD"

!action 4.07  cli command "no event manager applet CHILD"

action 4.08 context retrieve key result_context variable result

action 4.09  puts "INFO-CLI-HIST-CMD-$entry = $result"

action 4.10  increment entry 1

action 5   end


event manager run PARENT