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WCS 7.0 to CPI 1.2 Migration?

I bought the following product:

1WCS 7.0 to   Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 MigrationR-W-PI12-M-K91
2Prime Infrastructure   1.2 Base License and SoftwareR-PI12-BASE-K91
3Prime Infrastructure   1.2 - Lifecycle  - 1K Device Lic PAKL-PI12-LF-1K-LIC2
4Prime Infrastructure   LMS 4.2 - 1K Device Upgrade LicL-PILMS42-1K-M2
5WCS to Prime   Infrastructure 1.2 Migration 1K DeviceL-W-PI12-1K-M


And got Product Auhorizationg Keys.

I have a next question:

1) I need to activate and set L-PILMS42-1K-M or enough to activate and set R-PI12-BASE-K9 and L-PI12-LF-1K-LIC?

2) I can install Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 and set R-PI12-BASE-K9 and L-PI12-LF-1K-LIC or need to install CPI 1.3 and then update to CPI 2.0?

Please help me with this problem.

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Rob Johnson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You'll need to activate





but not


In order to get to 2.0 from WCS 7.0::

You'll need to migrate your data from WCS to NCS as shown in the link below

Then upgrade NCS to Prime 2.0


You can simply export your maps from WCS then import them into a newly built Prime 2.0 server once you've added the controllers.

The 2nd option is a whole lot easier and a whole lot faster but any customization you've done in WCS like special reports, added users to access the browser and other mods like TACACs settings as well as performance datawon't come over but if you're intested in just getting the maps and AP placement, go this route

Thanks Rob. I understand the licenses CPI 1.2 are suitable for CPI 2.0?

I have a question from the serial number virtual CPI 2.0. Serial number considered - Prime-2:long string of digits or simply long string of digits ?

Yes. The license for PI 1.2 is suitable for PI 2.0

The VUDI is broken up into two parts - ProductID and Serial Number

For Example

VUDI                     PRIME-NCS-VAPL:robjo-pi-2-0:9833e560-0c13-11e3-8c09-005056a108c0

Product Id              PRIME-NCS-VAPL

Serial Number        robjo-pi-2-0:9833e560-0c13-11e3-8c09-005056a108c0