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ASA 5510-CSC10: logging to which file system?

Which file system is used to store the logs of the Trendmicro CSC10? How can I find out if the filesystem is full? How can I free up some space for logs?

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You can see the filesystem usage among other things from the "Show System Information" via the ASA CLI.

On the ASA session to the CSC (#sess 1) After authenticating go to Troubleshooting -> Show System Information

If you are familiar with unix you will see the output of a df in there near the beginning showing filesystem usage.

But as far as I know the CSC is designed to be self managing and not require any regular hands on maintenance. Why do you suspect it is has run out of space? and if it has I would suggest you place a support call.

Thanks for the reply, this already gives me an idea of how to tackle the problem. The customer tells me that the logs used to allow him to see data of the last two months before but this has dwindled down to less than a day of logging info. My thought was that the space in the filesystem is too small for the logs, that's why I asked.

I have tried to find documentation in CCO as I have no direct acccess to the device itself. The documentation however seems to concentrate on the GUI stuff and I have not yet found a document that goes a bit under the surface of the CLI.

Thanks again! Appreciate your help.


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