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ASA IPS-SSM can't recover


i have installed an IPS-SSM Module in the ASA but the module status is unresponsive. i tried to boot from tftp server many times using
hw module 1 recover boot. but it doesn't work.
the tftp server and the sensor are in the same subnet and vlan.
i configured the tftp url. and i tested the tftp server from my desktop and it works fine and i can copy the image file from it to my server. but the sensor can't copy

i entered the command debug module-boot on the ASA but i did't get any output on the ASA and the module doesn't recover.

note that the IPS module is new and this is the first installation for it.

could you please help if there is hardware problem in the moduel?

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Scott Fringer
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Due to a limitation of the network stack in the AIP-SSM boot ROM, if the AIP-SSM management IP address and TFTP server IP address are located on the same logical network, you will want to configure the AIP-SSM's default gateway IP address to the TFTP server's IP address.


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