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I have a Cisco ASA 5505 as im trying to set up with the following scenario: I need eth0/0 - Outside that get its IP from a DCHP withing my ISP’s netThen I need eth0/3 - Inside that run DHCP – with normal Internet access an...

Oli2ander by Level 1
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Hi,I need to create NTP server and clients on my network.I have a core 4507 and access 2960 series switches.Would like to know if there is a hardware clock built in for the cisco 4500 series switches, if yes I am planning to make it as my NTP server....

Hi,I currently have a Static Nat for example ( web1-internal ) to ( web1-external ) - see Static Nat below !!!Which allows external hosts to connect on a public address and then get translated to the internal address host !!What l want to do now is p...

sgalloway by Level 1
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I am currently configuring an AIP SSM module on an ASA, and I would like to know which interface IP address should be used for the management interface.  Should it be the outside interface of the ASA or the inside interface of the ASA?

rafrancis by Level 1
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Troubleshooting the ASA tip:If you're like me, you perform MANY different tasks throughout the day.Many times, I am duplicating the same work at different times throughout the day.It takes a lot of time to figure out and setup a capture session each ...

fsebera by Level 4
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How good is asa5510 as firewall.  Becasue someone try to convice me that asa5510 is not good firewall becasue when we create owa or remote access connection it's hit the firewall directlly and not good.  Isn't that is with every other friewall.  Just...

lawsuites by Level 1
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We have 2 ASA5520 firewalls setup as Active/Failover running in single router mode.IOS is version 8.0(4)Doing a capture we continue to see one firewall talking to the other (as expected) but the communiction is via IP Protocol 105 (which appears to b...

fsebera by Level 4
  • 2 replies
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Hello All,We are migrating our Active Directory 2003 R2 to Active Directory 2008 R2 on domain controllers. Is there any known issue with 2008 R2 and Cisco ASA 5520 or the version which I am running on the  device ?I am running the following version o...

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